Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top tips for lottery donors

I don't know whether to be pleased or not, but my last blog with a video of me making a fool of myself doing stand up comedy (lots of swearing be wary before watching) is my record viewed blog. So let's bring you back to earth with some fundraising tips.

Just recently I was asked about 'what next' with lottery donors (based on a telephone operation selling lottery tickets over the phone. Here are my top tips.

My top tips on phone-based lotteries: Things are different in different places, but please don’t reject any of these or assume they are your magic pill – just TEST them. One of the best things about lotteries is that they are really easy to test on.
  1. Double dip. Call your best lottery donors first, then right at the end of the lottery period, shortly before the draw ring them again to offer the extra special chance of another go.
  2. Automatic entry. Get people on a monthly debit that gets them x number of entries PLUS gets them into an exclusive free annual lottery eligible only to such donors (in most countries you can’t discount ticket prices, but can have another draw). This is effectively Regular Giving for lottery donors.
  3. Ask for tips. During the lottery, put more emphasis than normal on your mission with your best prospects – and ask for a donation tip. The 3-10% that do become better prospects for RG calls
  4. Ring to get cash donations. Shortly after a lottery, you can use the phone to ask specifically for a donation. It won’t do as well as a pure lottery call but
    a. Creates a donor pool – sorts out ‘donors’ from ‘gamblers’
    b. Doesn’t harm subsequent lottery calls (if done well)
    c. Another filter for regular giving calls
  5. Ring to get regular gifts – better long term than cash donations
    a. Expect 3-10%; better than cold calling
    b. Will INCREASE people’s chance of taking part in a lottery if done well – even on ‘failed sales’

Hope that was useful, if not as funny.


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