Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Floods are terrible... but fundraising must go on

My thoughts go out to the people affected by the devastating floods that La NiƱa and other factors have wrought across the planet.  Here at home in Australia, the crisis is not over with more major flood events expected. The three most populous states have been hammered hard and we expect the death toll of 20 to increase.  The other side of the world has seen at least 400 Brazilians killed, 40 South Africans, Mozambique is being hit and Sri Lanka has had more devastation caused than the 2004 tsunami.

Death tolls don't really tell the whole story - a nation's ability to respond and rebuild and the infrastructure damage is huge.  I do hope that you can support the organisations responding to these events, but please don't let the plight of foreigners be pushed out of your mind as much as our media have pushed it off our TVs.  Please give to foreign aid organisations as well.

Also, since most readers of this blog are fundraisers, I urge you to please; don't let the floods damage your charity by cutting back on your fundraising.  It is true that in some areas your appeals may not do quite as well - but they will do better than if you don't do them.  Your hospital, school or medical charity still needs the money.

My experience is that events like this do damage fundraising for other causes - but much more of the cancellation of fundraising programs that the choice of donors.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need a CEO

Happy new year!

I am back from a long trip to Canada, USA, a short stint at home and a proper holiday in the Solomon Islands. Now back into the swing of fundraising. And the first thing I need to do is recruit a CEO in Australia.

Please let any senior type people wohi could be interested in such a neat job know; or maybe you, dear reader? A great job, making the world a better place and working with a great team.

More details here...


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