Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fundraising Basics: 1 - Clarity of Mission

First part of a series for small organisations, and those new to fundraising.

Mission Clarity

You really need to understand your work. Why you are doing what you are doing, prove you are best placed, why are you not collaborating with others? What is your IMPACT or what are your OUTCOMES. Most charities measure outputs, but you really need to understand the actual difference your charity makes.

Outputs are the result the actions you are able to do, for example – distribute 500 mosquito nets. The outcome of your actions is about why. In this case, following distribution of the 500 nets, malaria was reduced in the village from 193 cases per annum to 27.

Before you do anything in terms of fundraising - before you work on a strategy, hire a fundraiser or spend a dollar make sure you take time to have your mission written and understood clearly.

Sean Triner

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