Friday, September 19, 2014

Surprise helps video sharing

Good learning at Pareto staff conference today.  
Cameron Pratt 'Content Consultant' showing us some neat tactics that can increase chance of your video going viral. 
Good fun, but even when these videos (like the one below) went viral (3m) what did they achieve?  Ice bucket challenge went viral and had a clear call to action.

Here is another good one but with a better call to action.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Public Brand Awareness: Useful for charity?

Jeff Brooks' brilliant book on branding The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand is an essential read for all fundraisers.

But while you wait for it to arrive after you just ordered it on Amazon, check our my little two penneth on 101fundraising.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mythbusters and story telling FINZ 360

My second New Zealand conference of the week was in Christchurch, where I presented a short Mythbusters session and a longer session about story telling.

Story telling is here.

And Mythbusting below...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soi Dog case study: Facebook in action

I have just finished presenting at the MA Conference (Inspire) in Auckland.

Thanks to the chaps at Soi Dog and James Herlihy at Pareto, I pulled together an interesting (I hope) and useful (ditto) case study of how Soi Dog has used Facebook well.
Next year from their regular givers and online donors, they should raise NZ$4m (US$3.3m) from donors.

Here is how.

Creative from commerical world at MA Inspire conference in Auckland

Notes from Wayne Pick from ColensoBBDO/Proximity and Kim Pick from &Pick; a husband and wife presentation here at the MA:Inspire conference in Auckland.

I love this, the creative process:

This going to be awesome
This is hard
This is shit
I am shit
Its going to work
This is awesome

Some good stuff they shared.  Product truths from Volvo...

And Van Damme doing the splits to show their stability.

Bu it is important that your video actually makes sense if it is get circulated.

Here is another company trying to create a product truth.  Chewing gum and the social stigma associated with it...trying to explain the social benefit of chewing gum.

A Guatemela shoe store (MeatPack(!?) tracks its customers' phones - if they walk into a competitor shop they get offered 99% off shoes at MeatPack.  The discount ticks down 1% per second.  They run to buy from their MeatPack.

I have to say the Picks got the audience with this awesome GoPro cat movie.

And a last one, Target/Missoni fashion cut through - online and offline.

Well done Picks, kept us entertained after lunch.

Disaster Fundraising Guide download it here