Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Me, funny?

Pressure is on. I am in the middle of a stand up comedian course and by writing this blog I am making a scary commitment.

I finish the course next Saturday and then I do my own stand up show. It will be on 17th November, in Sydney. So, if you are in Australia and nothing else to do except come and take the piss out of me, then please come along!

I have seven minutes to present my routine. There will three or four of my fellow students and two professional comedians along to save the night too. It is $12 and kicks off at 730pm sharp. At only seven minutes, don't be late or you will miss me as I hope to be up first.

What: I humilate myself as a stand-up comedian
Where: The Roxbury Hotel182 St Johns Rd, Glebe, NSW 2037, (02) 9692 0822. Just off Glebe Point Road.
When: Monday 17 November, 730pm (sharp!)

Check out Comedy at the Rox (we are not listed as this is a private function, invitation only - just mention my name and it will OK to come in ;)


Jonathon Grapsas said...

Its times like these I wish I was back in Australia..

Don't worry - I have a team of hecklers locked in for the 17th. :)


Kimberley from Canada said...

I'm thinking that if Sean's IFC session could show up on YOU TUBE and if Dane Cook can be on YOU TUBE than why couldn't someone just.....you know....

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