Saturday, November 8, 2008

SOFII Saturday Showcase III: Why you should check us out

Don't take it from me that SOFII is great. Listen to these three reasons to check it out.

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Kimberley from Canada said...

Hi Sean, is great. I've been volunteering as Canada's Ambassador since last spring.

SOFII has thousands of fundraisers who visit, use and are inspired by it. Nowhere else can fundraisers see results, analysis and outcomes of great campaigns from around the world.

The reality is that the consumers outnumber the suppliers. The website needs more exhibits to continue to reach it's potential. Please folks submit your work. If you can share it with your donors and prospects then share it with us too.

One of the key values of sofii is that it should be free to fundraisers everywhere and it is. Did you know it is also a charitable foundation that can take electronic monthly gifts from those who are able? Adding SOFII to your list of charities is something to consider.

Volunteers - there are five country ambassadors and a lot more countries in the world. Look into the volunteer opportunities too folks. If you love it you could be an important part of it.

Canadian Ambassador - SOFII

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