Monday, August 10, 2009

Stupid charity ads

Charities wasting money drives me nuts. Especially (but not only) 'awareness' advertising for fundraising. Often free design from clever, top flight ad agencies.

ADMA, the Australian Direct Marketing Association has invited me along to help judge work for awards beyond charities. I really enjoy this, but it never fails to confuse my commercial counterparts that I only work for charities. Their confusion comes from the fact that they are pretty honest about the fact that they don't charge charities for work, 'they just do it for awards - great for marketing'.

But I won't name them, because I am too, um, polite. (Though Todd Sampson, CEO of Leo Burnett in Sydney said it in front of hundreds of people at the FIA Conference, so happy to name in - and give him respect for honesty.)

Jeff Brooks, creative director at Merkle has no such qualms. His blog, 'Donor Power Blog' is brilliant stuff, and one of my favorite areas he blogs about is 'Stupid Charity Ads'. Here he doesn't mess about and says it like it is - including taking a very unsubtle shot at Todd's agency and their WWF ad.

Check out these 'stupid charity ads' including the 'Leo Burnett edition.'


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