Saturday, August 1, 2009

International payments and more

Our IT manager, Bob Mason loves PayPal. So do I - incredibly convenient and fast. But we have only just realised that you can now do monthly giving, and charities can get a big discount on fees.

This should have great implications for charities like The Sumba Foundation - a small but brilliant charity that I want to support but international charges are too high for smaller ongoing regular gifts.

Paypal charges 1.1%+30c per transaction for charities - which is 52c on a $20 a month donation; comparable to local banks.

I notice only a few charities actually accept PayPal, but I expect this to change pretty soon. If you are in a charity, then please accept PayPal online - it makes it easier for the donor to give!

Setting up an account is easy, but make sure it is a "Business type". Registering as a charity is a little more complex though; email PayPal and they give you the instructions.

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