Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fantasy League Football

Calling all fundraisers and friends - who like Football (the proper sort, with a round ball).

Let's get a bit of competition in the Pareto Fantasy League.

I have done it for years, and am still rubbish (last year I did a 'lucky dip' random team and it did better than my painstakingly chosen team) – but it is fun and easy.

Register a 'Fantasy League Classic' team on http://www.fantasyleague.com/Classic/Default.aspx. It costs ten English squids.

You can take hours picking a team, or 5 mins like me - click Lucky Dip and then move a couple around. You must have a goalkeeper, 2 fullbacks, 2 centrebacks, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. Plus 5 subs.

Once you have set up a team, let me know your team name / registration and I will invite you into our league.

Even for English born Pareto staff, we are NOT making this a requirement of employment, and continued relationships with clients and suppliers is NOT dependent on them putting in a team.

First match is 15 August: Chelsea (booo!!!) v Hull (yaay!!!)


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