Saturday, January 10, 2009

SOFII Saturday Showcase XII: A brilliant annual report

Let's face it, many charity annual reports are pretty crap. They are not strategic, very inward looking, feature photos of CEO and / or chairperson - sometimes receiving a check - a few charts and lists of donors. Boring, irrelevant and waste of time.

Even 'good' annual reports are built for many audiences and not focused. With annual reports being a necessity for most organisations, what do we do? Well MCC-Murray Culshaw Consulting in India will tell you how.

MCC may be Indian, but the MCC annual report exhibit on SOFII is brilliant for NGOs everywhere.

It is actually their own annual report. You would think that would be boring, and not relevant to most charities but MCC explain each bit of their report - why they put this information here, or display this information as a chart - inside their own report. That's right, their actual annual report is a learning and teaching tool.

To get your copy of this fantastic and ingenious annual report, visit SOFII, sign up and search for MCC.

Sean Triner

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