Friday, December 11, 2015

Who do you want to visit your landing page?

Sounds trite, but a major contributor to poor landing page conversion rates (ie percentage of people completing the form) is ... sending the wrong people!
And in fundraising, the 'wrong' people will often be determined by age. Younger people are, in general, less valuable as potential donors.  The younger someone is, the less likely they are to donate, the less they are likely to give, and the less likely they are to give again.  Generally aiming at least 35 years old, and preferably 45 is your best bet for most fundraising.
Exceptions? Well - you may be tying it all in with activism, and numbers are important.  Or maybe you have a cracking product that you are happy to have young people buy.  For example: Ice Bucket Challenge.  Whilst the challenge will have raised maybe 80% of revenue from the 20% oldest donors, that remaining 20% of revenue was still valuable!
For more on landing pages come to my great fundraising landing pages webinar starting on Monday.
"Sean's webinar was very inspiring and informative with great statistics and examples used. I took away a lot of practical knowledge and a clear guide to examine our own website and its content. Thank you Sean." Julie Sampson, Lottery and DM Manager, Act for Kids, Australia

“I enjoyed the clarity of the webinar - clear slides with clear commentary.  I also enjoyed the real time examples that were used throughout. This webinar gave me some excellent insights and I am motivated to go and get rid of the dull useless pages and enhance the pages that Analytics tell me that people are visiting.” Susan Daly, Kid Haven South Africa

Americas (Atlantic & Central) edition
Mon 14th Dec 15.00 EST - US East Coast
Mon 14th Dec 12.00 PST - US West Coast
Mon 14th Dec 18.00 BRST - Rio De Janeiro
Mon 14th Dec 20.00 GMT – London
Tues 15th Dec 07.00 AEDT - Sydney

Americas (Pacific), SE&E Asia, Oceania edition
Tues 15th Dec 18.00 EST - US East Coast
Tues 15th Dec 15.00 PST - US West coast
Tues 15th Dec 23.00 GMT – London
Wed 16th Dec 09.00 HKT - Hong Kong
Wed 16th Dec 10.00 AEDT – Sydney
Wed 16th Dec 12.00 NZDT - Auckland

Europe, Africa & W Asia edition
Wed 16th Dec 02.00 PST - US West coast
Wed 16th Dec 10.00 GMT – London
Wed 16th Dec 21.00 AEDT – Sydney
Wed 16th Dec 11.00 CET - Paris, Brussels
Wed 16th Dec 13.00 EAT – Nairobi
Wed 16th Dec 12.00 SAST - Cape Town

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