Monday, December 7, 2015

Landing page vs website. Which is right?

When should you send a prospective donor to a 'landing page' and when should you send them to your website?
Landing pages are usually the right place to send someone when you want them to interact.  These landing pages can be part of your normal website, but still must follow the 'rules' of landing pages. (I will tell you these 'rules' in my webinar in December if you can make it).

The advantages of a landing page over your website are many:
1) The landing page is built as part of the campaign donor journey.  It contributes to a natural 'flow' and specific to the campaign.
2) Landing pages have a sole purpose.
3) Analytics and measurement are easy.
And sometimes it is better for the canny marketer to have the landing page separate to the charity website. (But still 'on brand').  Why and when would this be the case?
1) Usually easier, with less people wanting to tell you what to do.
2) Flexible format
3) Doesn't need to be in a queue for support from IT or web department.
4) Can easily have a great and relevant URL. 

A great donation landing page from medical research charity, Baker IDI.

Join me and hundreds of other fundraisers for another free webinar in a time zone convenient to you, all about landing pages.
“Sean took common sense information that I've read about many times before to a new level. His donor-central approach to non-profit web sites caused me to have many "Aha" moments. Thank I know the right way to overhaul our agency's website!” Roe DeLuca, Child, Home and Community, USA
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TheAssumption said...

Dear Sean,

You are such a pro at online fundraising - how is it that you use such a headache-inducing font for your blogs? Is it part of some research comparing length of visits for readers who view easy-to-read vs difficult-to-read online fonts? I must know, what is going on?

I hope it isn't a design choice because then I am just a pain in the ass... but I love reading you blogs and it boggles my mind.

Cheers, Elise

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