Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creative from commerical world at MA Inspire conference in Auckland

Notes from Wayne Pick from ColensoBBDO/Proximity and Kim Pick from &Pick; a husband and wife presentation here at the MA:Inspire conference in Auckland.

I love this, the creative process:

This going to be awesome
This is hard
This is shit
I am shit
Its going to work
This is awesome

Some good stuff they shared.  Product truths from Volvo...

And Van Damme doing the splits to show their stability.

Bu it is important that your video actually makes sense if it is get circulated.

Here is another company trying to create a product truth.  Chewing gum and the social stigma associated with it...trying to explain the social benefit of chewing gum.

A Guatemela shoe store (MeatPack(!?) tracks its customers' phones - if they walk into a competitor shop they get offered 99% off shoes at MeatPack.  The discount ticks down 1% per second.  They run to buy from their MeatPack.

I have to say the Picks got the audience with this awesome GoPro cat movie.

And a last one, Target/Missoni fashion cut through - online and offline.

Well done Picks, kept us entertained after lunch.

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