Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Second presentation at AFP - do your 5 day job in 3 days!

Today I presented a session titled "How to be so good at fundraising you only need to work afternoons 3 days a week".  I was a stand in for Jonathon Grapsas.  He came up with the title which is clever way of saying - do your data analysis!

This presentation is much more detailed, with the case studies not hidden so a massive wealth of information for you, even if you didn't make it along.

Hope it is useful.


Afternoons, 3 days a week
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megan said...

hi there! great presentation today - i actually ran into you in the elevator this morning at hotel, luckily i was more awake for your presentation :) can you please direct me to the post on here about why not to use ROI as measure of success? want to share with my boss, our pres/ceo. thanks so much! email is have a safe trip back to aus!

'Sean is always learning' said...



Disaster Fundraising Guide download it here