Thursday, February 11, 2010

International Womens Day Appeal

My mum (in pic below) had me forty years ago, on International Womens Day in 1970.

Thanks Mum.

Women, like my mum, in countries like the UK have excellent care - they even did in the 70s - that make giving birth a fact of life. But in many communities things are not so good and giving birth is a matter of life and death.

Marie Stopes Foundation works with women and their families in the Asia-Pacific region, and with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on issues around family - including sexual and reproductive health.

It is tough to fundraise around this subject but it is vital.

Please will you help me with a donation in lieu of whatever present you were planning on getting me for my fortieth ;) ? Click here to donate.

If you weren't going to get me anything, fair enough - but please donate anyway.

I am going to match donations on my mini-site to $2,000 so the more you give, the more I give. And of course I will be asking Marie Stopes to ringfence the funds raised for more fundraising - creating a domino effect.

What I wanted for my birthday was BioShock 2 for my Playstation 3, which costs about $100. I reckon $100 donated to Marie Stopes is a lot better. Please will you donate $100 by clicking here, or, if you are a volunteer or not in a rich country, whatever you can afford.

Rich people, please donate $1,000 by clicking here.



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Susanne said...

Alot of people don't realise that the majority of people hungry around the world are women... and yet these women produce 60-80% of the food! The answer to hunger, I really believe lies with women. You can send a message of solidarity to women across the world for International Women’s Day at

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