Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disaster Donor Conversion Plan

In attempting to convert a disaster donor to a long-term donor, take a post-initial support - strategic emergency development approach.

Develop post-emergency regular giving proposition

Develop materials to push the proposition - most likely ‘disaster preparedness'.

  • Letter template; the disaster itself would need to be weaved in
  • Email templates / concepts - Emails should be thank yous, links to news, to relevant sites and of course your micro-site
  • Brochure
  • Micro-site (use the corridor structure - i.e. once a donor has arrived at your micro-site, the only things they can click on keep them in the micro-site, NOT link through to your main site until the transaction is complete)
  • Draft script and process for outbound telephone calling team

When disasters strike

  • Follow normal disaster donation procedures
  • Don't forget your Google grant to drive people to your micro-site
  • Thank donors fast
  • Begin feedback and conversion process - over about six weeks
  • Update emails (about ten in the first 30 days would be best- more information is good, not less
  • Regular giving conversion phone all (you will only get through to 20-60%, keep trying)
  • Donors into normal communications program - but note - they may behave differently; flag them as emergency converted regular givers and monitor attrition, upgrades etc separately
  • Test. Throughout this period it can be hard to test, but you must test ideas and find out what works for you. It is so tempting to not test - because of time. But part of the reason you have little time is that you did not test last time.

Oh, by the way, this procedure would apply (though not as good cost per acquisition) to any charity that gets lots of one-off donors, not just disasters, e.g. following a door-knock or big mailing to cold prospects.

Good luck.

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