Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiti disaster appeal follow up - there is none

Regular readers my recall that I made a load of donations to loads of charities on 19 January, including a couple of larger size donations.

I committed to telling you what happened.

Well, I have had no follow up.

In fact, WSPA who responded really fast to solicit donations have not actually receipted or thanked me direct, but did send me a non personalised (but otherwise informative) email along the lines of 'WSPA thanks everyone who donated towards our Haiti effort; your support [no mention of how much] made it possible for us to complete this first hand assessment and fund the setting up and transfer of this mobile clinic into Haiti.'

WSPA have stopped soliticing Haiti donations now; they raised enough.

But what about all the other charities? Nothing.

I am hoping that I get some follow up - a call, second gift solicitation, feedback, RG conversion - something and soon!

In the meantime (next week) I will write what I think should have happened.



Isha Shiri said...


I feel happy that you are helping the Haitians. I'm also helping with amounts of money by Magen David Adom to help Haiti. There are good institutions that can do a great job. In my blog I have listed some in side.

I like your blog, you're on my list of favorite blogs.

Stay in peace,

'Sean is always learning' said...

Shortly after I posted this blog, Donna from WSPA called (good on her!) to say thank you - and she had read the blog and was worried I hadn't got my receipt. Well, it did arrive - so thanks guys!

Full report to come on all the follow ups.

Disaster Fundraising Guide download it here