Thursday, June 25, 2009

Produce DM packs in six hours...

I am just about to begin a session with Anup Tiwari of UNICEF India where we are going to try and work with 14 fundraisers to produce half a dozen actual mail packs in a single day workshop.

A lot of preparation, including a webinar, templates and the charities preparing case studies has occurred, but today we actually plunge in and train people to pull together a pack.

The webinar explained how important stories are, and how to go about getting your story.

You can watch the Webinar until the end of the month by downloading this file.

We thought this was a brand new approach to training at a conference, but apparantly a USA conference tried this 20 years ago. So this will be the first time with charities from the global south!

Watch this space - chances are we may be falling flat on our faces...

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