Saturday, December 6, 2008

SOFII Saturday Showcase VII: White papers and working groups

Another feature of SOFII is the 'Top Tips from Leading Fundraisers' bit.

Gordon Michie from Relationship Marketing wrote a whitepaper all about Stewardship, available on SOFII.

In it he covers all sorts of things about what is stewardship, differences between UK and US definitions, barriers to adoption and what happens next.

In a tremendously exciting climax, the white paper concludes by calling on the Institute of Fundraising to set up a working party to develop a code of practice on fundraising stewardship.

If working parties and White Papers float your boat, I am sorry - there are not too many of them on SOFII. But there are tons of great exhibits, and Gordon's Stewardship paper is useful for fundraisers either side of the pond - and beyond UK/USA too.

To find it on SOFII, register and search for Gordon Michie.

Sean Triner

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