Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fundraising Basics: 6 - Fundraising events

Fundraising events
As an ex events fundraiser, I used to love it - but the bottom line is that for most charities, fundraising events are useful tactical boosters but there are much easier ways to get long term strategic growth.

There are rare, superb examples of events that work, like Australia's Biggest Morning Tea put on by the Cancer Council in Australia, and the Race For Life another big cancer charity event.

Some charities have grown through events and it is interesting to note that the most successful tend to be direct marketed events like the two above.

My company, Pareto Fundraising, is doing a lot to make events work even better and be more effective for our clients, but when you look at where growth is coming from across the sector in every country I have worked in or researched, it ain’t events.

Sean Triner

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