Friday, May 13, 2016

Why you should register for the Mid Value Webinar Series - with Roger Craver and Tom Ahern

You're frustrated.

You have all these donors already on your database. And you suspect there's a LOT of additional giving hiding inside those generous hearts.

The only problem is: you don't know how to release it!

But we do!

And we'll show you step by step how to raise far more money from your existing donors ... in this unique series of webinars by three of the world's most successful fundraising experts.

Your investment in these exclusive expert-grade webinars will pay for itself many times over. Guaranteed! (And, by the way, unavailable elsewhere.)

Then go buy or borrow a wheelbarrow. For all that extra cash you’ll have for your important cause.

Through this series of webinars, along with my truly esteemed colleagues, I will be giving you a ton of useful and practical information for increasing revenue from mid value donors.

The first webinar is this week - starring the most accomplished and experienced charity direct marketeer I know, Roger Craver.  

And a few weeks later, we will have everyone's communications hero Tom Ahern.

In the series we give you almost EVERYTHING you need to make fundraising from mid value donors work. 

You just need to add some hard work, a great offer and that wheelbarrow!

Why attend?
  • Mid value / mid level donors are the biggest immediate fundraising opportunity for any charity with current donors.
  • Getting mid value fundraising right is not usually expensive.  It is a matter of focused resources.
  • The series of webinars gives you everything your need to know to make your mid value program soar.
  • We are going to feature an amazing frank and step-by-step case study of a relatively small international charity - willing to share their learnings about targeting, writing, personal visit plans and more!
  • We will cover maths and targeting, how you ask, ways to improve direct mail, and sensible, manageable stewardship.  This series is awesome value.
  • Five webinars, three hosts (Roger Craver, Tom Ahern and me) and in a time zone to suit you.
  • If you miss one, no worries - every registrant gets the recording, the presentation and any handouts.
  • One registration - but you can share the material across your whole organisation.  

But please don't just take it from me.  I have been working with Orbis in New York on mid value donors and more for a little while now.  

Don't just take it from me,  I have been working with Orbis in New York on mid value donors and more for a little while now.  Here is what Laura Parrotta has to say...

And her colleague, Norma...

"Sean’s clear and concise advice is based on deep analysis of what works in fundraising. Because his advice is based on knowledge and experience, I feel confident as I write direct mail and high-level donor appeals that it’s going to work. 

I just listen and take lots of notes as Sean talks, and I capture his ideas and wording, and I know it’s wording that works. 

All his ideas have the target of getting people to give at their own best level of commitment. So I know that, with Sean’s help, I’m working to maximize the good my organization can do."
Norma Hopcraft, Associate, Donor Development, Orbis

I hope to see you there. Thank you!


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