Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tom Ahern and I are going to make your cause money. Lots of money.

Perhaps you have enough already in your bank account. Helping everyone you can.

Or maybe your direct mail is already perfect and you maximise the donations from your database – and have no doubt about it.

But I doubt it.

I know you want to raise more because you are reading this.

On 9/10 June come to ‘Release the Explosive Generosity Locked Inside Your $100+ Donors ... With These Proven Direct Mail Secrets.’ And Tom and I will give you solid, simple tips on how to boost your income. Fast and easy.

(Formerly known as ‘Writing and Creating Mid Value Direct Mail: same webinar, much better title thanks to Tom Ahern!)

So much Direct Mail. How do I Cut Through and Raise More for My Cause!?

Whatever your time zone, there is a slot that works for you to watch live. Or maybe you would prefer to watch a recording with your whole team at a time that suits you?

Everyone who registers has an opportunity to attend live. Whether you make it or not you will get the recordings, the slides and any handouts.

AND if you miss the live session but have burning questions: no worries – just email me!

Sitting in your database is a mass of money that you could be missing. Donors with a capacity to give well above their current levels are waiting for you to allow them to do so.

And we will show you how.

For just the price of a taxi to and from the airport in Melbourne this webinar offers amazing value at just USD$89.*

In this practical webinar we are going to:

  • Briefly look at who are the people ready to give you more money
  • How to develop awesome offers (propositions)
  • Very quick, easy and specific approaches to copy
  • An awesome copy checklist! Yours to keep forever.
  • Creative execution ideas: how to get those packs opened and drag out those huge gifts and response rates and, finally
  • Hyper-personalisation. How to use data to really press the right buttons.

Tom and I look forward to seeing you there – to watch a recording of the webinar click here. 


*USD$89 is about $125 NZD/CAD/AUD or  €79 and £61. 

** Dates and times by timezone below.
Americas edition
Thu 9th Jun 12.30 PDT - US West Coast                                           
Thu 9th Jun 14:30 CDT - Mexico City
Thu 9th Jun 15.30 EDT - US East Coast
Thu 9th Jun 16.30 BRST - Rio De Janiero, Brasil
Thu 9th Jun 20.30 BST - London, UK
Fri 10th Jun 05.30 AEST - Brisbane, Australia
Fri 10th Jun 05.30 AEDT - Sydney, Australia
SE&E Asia, Oceania edition
Thu 9th Jun 17.00 PDT - US West Coast
Thu 9th Jun 20.00 EDT - US East Coast
Fri 10th Jun 01.00 BST - London, UK
Fri 10th Jun 08.00 HKT - Hong Kong                                                    
Fri 10th Jun 09.00 JST - Tokyo
Fri 10th Jun10.00 AEST - Brisbane, Australia
Fri 10th Jun 10.00 AEDT - Sydney, Australia
Fri 10th Jun 12.00 NZDT - Auckland, New Zealand
Europe, Africa & W Asia edition
Fri 10th Jun 04.00 PDT - US West Coast
Fri 10th Jun 07.00 EDT - US East Coast
Fri 10th Jun 12.00 BST - London, UK
Fri 10th Jun 13.00 CEST - Paris, Brussels, Madrid
Fri 10th Jun 13.00 SAST - Cape Town, South Africa
Fri 10th Jun 14.00 EAT - Nairobi, Kenya                                              
Fri 10th Jun 15:00 GST- Dubai
Fri 10th Jun 16.30 IST - Delhi
Fri 10th Jun 21.00 AEDT - Sydney, Australia

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