Monday, November 30, 2015

The Importance of Landing Pages in Digital Charity Fundraising

Interaction is vital for all charity fundraising online at some point.
We can have the best strategy, the best ads, copy, creative or offer. But unless the potential donor can interact we can't do much about it.
This interaction could be offline, for example we ask them to call or SMS us.  But often it will be online.
If it is online it needs then we are lucky in a few ways. It is quick. It allows for capturing of information in a format ideal for our database. We can set up automatic responses. And it allows for near instant financial transactions.
The tactics we are using could be driving the potential donor to donate now, or give details for follow up.  But either way, a great tool for capturing details is a landing page.
A landing or donation page in this context is a specific 'website' of just one (or sometimes two) pages.   Often temporary, these landing pages should be specific to the campaign, easy to use, secure and motivating.
Landing/donation pages perform the same job as a direct mail or press ad response coupon.  To increase form completion we knew the importance of affirming the decision to complete these forms.  Just like in the olden days 'YES! I would like to help starving children in Biafra ...' we need our landing pages to do the same.
This petition landing page follows the theme of the material that led the potential donor to it, and it reinforces their decision to complete.
PS. Here is an example of a really good landing page. In my webinar I will explain exactly why.

Join me for another free webinar in December, in a time zone convenient to you, all about landing pages.
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