Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting your landing page right

Next month I am presenting a free webinar on landing pages.  It was specifically requested after my 'Three Secrets to Fundraising from Facebook' webinar.  Details of times - which span the whole world - are at the bottom of this blog.

We all know we should be using our webpages, emails and more to point people to a place to donate online.

But we also know that every click, every distraction, every time something isn't right, we lose a small percentage of donors.

From when people click 'donate now' we want them to complete their donation.

Below are a few of my favourites, that make it easy to donate.  And below them are the links to the webinar sign up pages.

Here's an idea - donate to them all and follow the communications trail! You learn lots and cheaper than a consultant...

If you want to point readers and me towards a great landing page, put it into the comments and if I like it I will donate to it at least!

Splash (USA), great but provides 'escape routes' (I will explain escape routes in my webinar).

IFAW Save Baby Elephants, uses ability to get more text, AND allows me to share my action on Facebook

UNICEF Australia, cracking website, donation page makes up for escape routes by being brilliant at everything else.  Love how as you type in your donation it adds fields rather than scare you away.

Macmillan UK, very donor centric. Escape routes are an annoying norm on otherwise great donation pages.

CBM Germany, the pop-up donation page is very clear and no distractions.  If you read German!

More to add?



Americas (Atlantic & Central) edition
Mon 14th Dec 15.00 EST - US East Coast
Mon 14th Dec 12.00 PST - US West Coast
Mon 14th Dec 18.00 BRST - Rio De Janeiro
Mon 14th Dec 20.00 GMT – London
Tues 15th Dec 07.00 AEDT - Sydney

Americas (Pacific), SE&E Asia, Oceania edition
Tues 15th Dec 18.00 EST - US East Coast
Tues 15th Dec 15.00 PST - US West coast
Tues 15th Dec 23.00 GMT – London
Wed 16th Dec 09.00 HKT - Hong Kong
Wed 16th Dec 10.00 AEDT – Sydney
Wed 16th Dec 12.00 NZDT - Auckland

Europe, Africa & W Asia edition
Wed 16th Dec 02.00 PST - US West coast
Wed 16th Dec 10.00 GMT – London
Wed 16th Dec 21.00 AEDT – Sydney
Wed 16th Dec 11.00 CET - Paris, Brussels
Wed 16th Dec 13.00 EAT – Nairobi
Wed 16th Dec 12.00 SAST - Cape Town

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