Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mood Killing Words

Working with a client recently I told them about Katya's blog about Fraser Greens' Book 3D Philanthropy which details. Mood Killing Words.

The client reckoned if they took these words out they would have nothing left to write.

So, these words are the sort of words NGOs write that almost certainly flatten fundraising.  And here they are...

See her article here.

1. Capacity
2. Empower
3. Enhance
4. Indigenous
5. Partnership
6. Development
7. Systemic
8. Community
9. Innovation
10. Superlative
11. Outcomes
12. Support
13. Sustainable
14. Resources
15. Dignity
16. Facilitate
17. Diversity
18. Fostering


Rach said...

I'm surprised transforming didn't make the list

Anonymous said...

How could he omit "Changing Lives?" Ewww.

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