Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten strategic fundraising principles


A Fundraiser's Tale said...

Whilst I agree your foundation date is not a particularly riveting bit of info, research has shown that long established equals trusted and trusted charities get a bigger share of donations.

'Sean is always learning' said...

That may be true but unlikely to help in a list of charities to choose from - and picking on year of establishment was easy, but there is nothing good in that list; no stories or illustration of impact.

Interesting that old and trusted charities may have a couple of places in top ten Aussie Fundraisers (Salvos #2) but relative newcomer World Vision raises 3x as much as the next, but other 'newer' fundraising orgs MSF, UNHCR and Compassion are growing the fastest.

It is contemporary strategy that wins over tradition and history. Could make for an interesting debate in F and P magazine if you are up for it?

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