Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Macs and Giving

A bit of fun:  Who gives the most?

The Big Mac Index is used by the Economist and others to measure purchasing power of a currency.

Some fundraising friends of mine are building a Global Giving Wiki and they are starting with a Big Mac Index on giving - ie comparing average donations to the price of a Big Mac.

In Australia, looking at average gifts across around 40 charities we can see that the average regular gift is around $28, between six and seven Big Macs.  How will that compare to various countries?

The answer will be revealed at the end of the year, when lots of people have filled in the survey - people like you!

(Bizarrely I didn't know, and nor did anyone in the Pareto Sydney office know, how much a Big Mac cost.  I had to get the answer out of our Brisbane office).

Please complete it here, it takes about 3 minutes.


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