Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is face to face / direct dialogue?

I am in Canada for the AFP Conference (which goes to Canada every now and then).  Yes, it is cold.

When most European, SE Asian, Australian, NZ and International fundraisers talk about "Face to face" or "Direct dialogue" fundraising they often mean something different to what  many North Americans mean.

Of course, face to face fundraising technically means anytime someone speaks directly to someone else, soliciting  a gift.  But in most blogs and books written by non North Americans it means "The act of soliciting someone, usually a stranger, for a regular, ongoing gift usually monthly and between $15 and $45 per month."  The people who do the soliciting are usually paid, and more often than not working for a third party agency.

This kind of fundraising has driven huge growth in many countries - driving the growth of "regular" giving (automatic monthly debits).

With regular gifts accounting for as much as a third of individual giving in Australia*, you can see how important face to face (F2F) is when you look at the proportion of new regular givers it acquires, and how much money they give.

The chart below shows growth in regular giving income for 41 charities combined from  Australia and New Zealand.

* Estimate is from Pareto Benchmarking 2011.  The new one is due out in a few weeks.


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