Monday, March 12, 2012

Great and amusing fundraising presentation

Great and amusing fundraising presentation from a volunteer running the NY Marathon a few years back in aid of the Heart Foundation.

Worth flicking through the 16 pages or so.  It is hard to get humour to work in fundraising, and he has done a good job.  I have asked Inspired Adventures to let me know if he made his target! (The presentation is on their blog, they organise fundraising events like this).

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for making me famous...the best thing about writing a sponsorship proposal like this is the fun you have writing it. To answer your question I raised $28k so well over my targeted $20k...and whilst our team overall had a $90k target, we reached $250k as a group. The proposal document was definitely a big part of getting those numbers. Not a bad effort for the first ever NYC Heart Foundation NYC Marathon team! Cheers Ricardo

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