Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best Fundraising Resource Online

I have mentioned Jeff Brooks' and his Future Fundraising Now blog before, but here is a reminder about how brilliant it is.

In fact, if you manage fundraisers and they don't subscribe to the blog, you should get them in your office and have a stern word.

At a recent consulting session at World Vision, I mentioned how great it was, and we signed up about a dozen new subscribers there and then - all will be better fundraisers for it!

Recent blogs from Jeff include:

* Why young fundraisers get it wrong
* What to consider before you blog
* Why stories are so important
Not so recent, but brilliant...
* Stupid non profit ads, featuring WWF, Movember, Red Cross Spain, United Methodist Church and more.

Jeff is flying out to Australia next weekend, to present at the F&P conference (and spend a day with Pareto staff having some fun) - if you are in Sydney 1 & 2 September, come along to the conference and see him live.  But whatever happens, please subscribe to his blog!


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Gonzalo Ibarra said...

You are right Sean.

I follow to Jeff since Donor Power. Fresh and challenging look about FR.

FF is a vital resource for FR od¿f today. Like you ;D.


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