Wednesday, July 14, 2010

James Bond trailer or Election Motivator

GetUp! doing what they do best again - 'Give us the money and we will pay for this advertisement to get aired'.  Great proposition, always seems to work.

Would you pay to air this ad?

Note for foreigners who don't follow Australian politics - Julia Gillard is our new Prime Minister, put in place after a fast 24 hour political coup replacing Kevin Rudd.  She is leader of the Labor party, which is our left-ish party, kind of like the US Democrats.  Leader of the Opposition is Tony Abbot, his party is the right-wing Liberal party, our equivalent of USA's Republicans.  The Liberal party should not be confused with the adjective 'liberal'.



Anonymous said...

Hello Sean,

I am in need of some advice. I am trying to set up a charity to help Arsenal supporters who live in Driffield, Yorkshire. I was wondering if you would be a founder member?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

I am going to out you here as a closet Arsenal fan. 1989 Michael Thomas last minute goal. You were a gooner for the night :p

'Sean is always learning' said...

No denying it, I wanted that goal. But let's move this to Facebook Jason!

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