Monday, October 19, 2009

The best fundraising blog on earth

Jeff Brooks has moved employers which means Donor Power Blog has not been updated since mid September. (It is still worth trawling through the archives though - a pretty damn good overview of fundraising in there - especially Stupid Charity Ads.

His new blog is just as good. Future Fundraising Now. Check it out and subscribe.

Whatever your job in charities is, please, please watch all the Stupid NonProfit Ads on the old blog. And read why they are crap. Especially if you are thinking of running a brilliant advertising campaign in the next few months.

It is essential viewing/reading and if all charity staff watched them, and understood the point then I estimate that maybe $80m to $200m per annum more would be saved or raised.

Which, taking one of the 'costs of saving a life' estimates in Peter Singer's The Life You Save is enough to save the lives of at least 20,000 people.

You could be harsh here, and say, in other words, Stupid [Charity] Ads are worth taking the mickey out of - but they kill people.

Stop award winning stupid charity ads now!


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Rachel Beer said...

I couldn't agree more, Sean.

Who cares if a charity ad wins an award voted for by industry types if it doesn't do what it's designed to.


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