Thursday, July 9, 2009

ADMA Forum again

I have finished at this Forum now even though there is another half day, and I gotta say I am exhausted - not because of late nights or boredom, but because there was so much to take in.

Last time I went to ADMA Forum, I was not impressed and have not sent any Pareto people or been along since. This time they gave me a free ticket since I was presenting. The presentation went well (at least I enjoyed it, and got a few laughs - hope that the audience learned something too!) but within the presentation I asked who was from a charity.

About 600 people were attending the conference, and my presso was the only thing on so most were there - but only about a dozen hands went up. But I wasn't surprised because of the lack of enthusiasm the Australian fundraisers I know had for ADMA Forum.

It is a shame. Because there was tons to learn - more for charity direct marketeers than any other conference I have attended in Australia for years.

I was so impressed that I have asked if I can help ADMA to get more charities along to the next one. I am starting now - charity direct marketeers (including events & face to face fundraisers) - start thinking of a way to blag some money in your budget to get along next year.

Specific tips and learnings that I picked up from the Forum this time around to come.

Sean Triner


Damian O'Broin said...

Sounds great - so should I be booking my flight over from Dublin for next year? ;)

'Sean is always learning' said...

Maybe, just put yourself forward as a speaker...?

Damian O'Broin said...

brilliant - they might pay for my flights then!

Anonymous said...

Sean you missed the best end of the conference... but I would say that. Vaughn.

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