Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postcard from IFC: More on the recession

The big thing most people are talking about here at the IFC is the recession.

But everyone is agreed. And so are all the experts whose blogs / emails / articles I have read. They all say 'Don't panic, don't hurt yourself'.

Bottom line - what you as a charity do, in reaction to a recession, can be more deadly than what the recession will do on it's own.

If you are reliant upon corporate funding then you are probably most vulnerable. Many of the best corporate donors are (were?) banks. But if you have a sound diverse fundraising strategy, especially if it has lots of regular givers, then you are in the best situation. Don't panic.

Check out what Uncle Mal and Dan Doyle has to say here (US focused, but relevant to us all). Or check out this podcast, again very US but still relevant.

And don't forget if you want my massive rant about the recession, email and ask for it from and we will get it to you.

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