Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No longer a guru - but there are brilliant people coming!

My time is up. I was officially a guru for September, on the Resource Alliance's Ask a Guru section of their website, and I am going to expand on a couple of the questions on my blog into the future.

The questions and answers will remain there, but now it time to pass the baton to Richard Radcliffe, a real guru rather than a fake like me.

So, the next three gurus in Resource Alliance's popular series are:
Richard Radcliffe, October 2008. Recognised as one of the world's leading legacy experts, and a lovely bloke with a strange, very English sense of humour.

Jennie Thompson, November 2008. A leading light in donor communications, a big advocate of a donor-focused approach to fundraising who still bangs on about Relationship Fundraising, which was written by Ken Burnett in the early 90s, and she is still right. Tireless woman, somehow cheats time as she must have 28 hour days and 8 day weeks to achieve everything she does.

Marcelo Iniarra, December 2008. Energy, ideas and pure genius. I think he sold his soul since he started working beyond charities, but he denies it. And he is still trying to drag charities into the 21st Century. Anything to do with technologically driven communications, he is your man. Oh, and he is a rare dude in that he actually made money for charity from online fundraising.

Check them out!

Sean Triner

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