Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be the H back in Ghana

A couple of months back Australia beat Ghana in a football match. Do you care? Well, nor did lots of other people.

Ticket sales were not going well, so Australian agency Lowe + Rivet worked with the Football Federation Australia to get more people along.

They reckon they did (though as with all non-direct marketing I am always sceptical of how anyone can prove it!)

Those who kn0w me well will be surprised at me putting something purely creative up here, but seriously we do need a balance of creative ideas - as long as they are focused and mission specific and measurable.

(Which is why I loved the GetUp! video so much).

I hope the video inspires you whatever your views.


PeeBee said...

Dear Sean,
What a fabulous Gana (oops I missed the H...!!) video.
You have convinced me that blogs are great.
I might create one for myself but...????!!!!
Take care and delighted to be on your adress list...!!
PeeBee from Fance (opps I missed the R...!!!)

Anup Tiwari said...

Hi Sean,

Don't be apologetic. This is just not creative but also effective.

So surely is worth mention. Keep on sharing such good stuff and I promise to come back to your blog.

John Lepp said...

Hey Sean - that was pretty brilliant. Thanks for the share.

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