Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More video conferences to reduce emissions & wasted time

There is no doubt that video conferencing is a good thing, on balance.  Of course, in person is the best but can be very expensive and time consuming with all that travel.

Teleconferencing is OK, but video gives you some tells - you can kind of get people's mood better, body language is visible and it actually makes all of you more focused because you actually look at the person speaking instead of playing solitaire or checking your Facebook ad performance.

I just finished an internal video conference using GotoMeeting.  But Google Hangouts is good too.

We were in Wanaka, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

It really worked well, and despite the issues illustrated below, it still saved everyone time compared to a physical meeting.

Please watch this video - it is worth it (and very, very funny).

(If the embedded Java doesn't work for you, you can watch it on You Tube here).

We in the charity sector are always on the lookout for money saving ideas and whilst I don't recommend dropping meeting in person or investing loads into camera gear I do think investing in decent internet, a few $100 Logitech cameras and speakers is well worth while.


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