Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Irreverent conference session

How does this sound?

"Living The Dream. Your investment strategy for a secure future.

Sticking with the theme of sustainability ...we have enlisted a trained stand up comedian and deadly snake rescuer for the Thursday afternoon plenary. Sean Triner will take a challenging and irreverent look at investment strategies for wealth creation for delegates wishing to retire to the good life. Amongst the ideas we'll look at property, equities, bank robbery, smuggling, marrying 'well' and fundraising.

With real case studies and data, Sean will refer to Dan Palotta's recent brilliant Ted talk on how fundraisers should be able to operate on a level playing field with the rest of the market. He may also give some directly useful and applicable tips for you too.

If you get your CEO, CFO, treasurer and/or chairperson to this session you will be doing yourself a huge favour for the long term."

Fancy coming along? If you are in Wellington, New Zealand - see you there! If not but you are interested get me along to your conference to do a plenary / key note!


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