Thursday, April 12, 2012

Communicate TODAY about the non-disaster earthquake

Millions of people woke up to relief that the two massive earthquakes last night did not cause devastating loss of life and damage to property.

The British PM was visiting Indonesia at the time, and immediately pledged the UK's support if it turned into a disaster (I am no Tory, but believe this was not an empty promise) and International NGOs around the world were on high alert.

As hundreds of thousands evacuees return safe and sound to their own homes and beds, the whole world can join them in relief, with sad memories of what happens when the earth shifts in a different way.

So a non-disaster happened.  Fundraisers around the globe were also on alert, but also can relax now and get on with their fundraising programs as planned.  Except...

I would like to throw a spanner in the works.  The near disaster was big news, but all the media will have all but disappeared over the next 48 hours.  Fundraisers:  Be quick but if you act now, right now, you may be able to help your charity with a very quick, very cheap fundraiser.  All international aid charities will have  some wonderful people who have made gifts after disasters, but never donated since.

I suggest getting an email out to them, right now - no delay, it must be today and ask them to contribute to a monthly donation program to help in disaster preparedness.  It won't revolutionise your fundraising but will definitely add a few new regular givers to your file, very cheaply.

Bullet points for the email below the video...

* Personalise it
* Explain what happened, reference local news reports
* Explain it is all good news now BUT
* Thank them for their support when disasters happened before
* You had teams on standby (better to say something like "I have just heard that our Indonesia alert team has stood down now...") - point out this was only possible because of support in the past
 * BUT we still need funds to be ready for disasters, as well as during disasters so you have a disaster preparedness fund (or say something similar)
* So please will you help by signing up to just (local equivalent of ) 50c per day, taken as a convenient monthly donation of $15..
* A link to a monthly sign up landing page, with "Thank you for helping YOURCHARITY be ready for the next disaster".

If you do it, please let me know how it goes.


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