Monday, January 9, 2012

How good are you, really?

We are hearing lots of horror stories about the fundraising markets of Europe and in the USA, but drilling down we see that there are lots of organisations that did grow through those economic woes.

Here in Australia, things appear to be going well still. So well that a few foreign charities are looking more seriously at fundraising over here. But are appearances deceiving?

There is only one way to find out - look at the data.

Over the past few years a group of Australian and New Zealand charities have been pooling transactional data to see how donors actually behave - what their average donations are, their attrition rates and more, including what percentage of donors put the charity in their will.

Of course, all the private data of individuals is kept confidential and not shared, but the wealth of information in the report is phenomenal.

A free report is available for all participating charities, and more in depth individualised reports can be purchased.

Charities interested only have a couple of weeks to register though.

More information: or call me.


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