Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get Up! think out of the box

Our lovely Australian politicians do a PR exercise where you can bid for a special treat with one of them.  The leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott auctioned off a surfing lesson with him (like Vladimir Putin he loves to show his physical prowess off - and fair enough, because he has a lot more than me).

Tony is pretty outspoken in a traditional conservative way - as well as describing climate change as 'absolute crap' his policies on refugees trying to reach safety by fleeing their homes in dangerous boats do not sit comfortably with social justice and human rights groups.

Australian pressure group GetUp! motivated donors to put in some money and bid for this opportunity - and lined up a refugee to take the surf lesson and tell Tony his story.

Campaigning genius! Tons of press (even if the bid hadn't won - but it did) and now they are running another campaign to get enough money to air a TV Ad.

Great, specific, well thought through fundraising tactics.

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