Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Australia Tops Olympic Medal Chart!

Can you believe it? Well, if you take medals per human rights rating, medals per population, medals per GDP, total number of medals and total number of golds and work out who did best across all of them, then Australia wins. Yaay! Amazing what you can do with statistics really. Check out the superb 'alternative tables' from UK broadcaster, Channel 4.

In the last Olympics, the Aussie Government's Bureau of Statistics put up another alternative table up showing how the Aussies came third. Propaganda alive and well in Australia!

This time around, we had an amazing Government level conflict which now results in an Aussie Minister wearing an England shirt next time the nations meet, and the Aussie Olympic Association Chairman having to buy five bottles of Champagne for his British counterpart.

A bit of healthy banter? And what does it have to do with fundraising? Nothing, but the next blog does...

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